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Counterfeit and substandard mobile phones - A resource guide for Governments (EN)
February 2014 | White Paper

There has been a proliferation in recent years in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of black market mobile phones (commonly referred to as counterfeit and substandard phones). While this problem has created significant adverse consequences for society, governments do not yet fully understand the scope and nature of the problem. Governments continue to face significant challenges in finding effective solutions to this problem given the innovative and creative ways used by people and entities engaged in this illicit activity to evade enforcement/legal measures.


The Mobile & Wireless Forum (MWF) is an international association of companies with an interest in mobile and wireless communications including the evolution to 5G and the Internet of Things. The MWF focuses on a range of issues concerning mobile and wireless devices including RF health and safety, certification testing standards and requirements, counterfeit issues and accessibility.